Turn your car into a safe smartcar.

drivebox™ connects your car with the Internet providing you with:
anti-theft protection, crash detector,
real-time track’n’trace, prior trips history,
driving stats, and discount for insurance premium.

Discover drivebox™ benefits

Key data from your vehicle available online.

Driver’s safety

drivebox™ is equipped with crash detector, which in case of an accident, immediately informs chosen person via phone call or text.

You can also receive system notifications about speeding to help you control yourself on the road.


Anti-theft protection

You always know where your car exactly is at the moment. If someone turns the engine on without your knowledge or leaves the area you selected, the system will inform you instantly via phone call or text.

The system will call you too if someone unplugs the device or when the car is towed. You choose the most convenient form of alerts and time of their activity.

You choose the most convenient form of alerts and time of their activity.

What do you really get?

The most useful features in a very attractive price.

Lower insurance premiums

This service, due to the integral GPS track’n’trace feature, is usually treated by Insurance Companies as a „second security”. Thus, it guarantees the additional discount for insurance fee.

Peace of mind for your family and friends

There’s nothing more valuable than the safety of your loved ones. With drivebox™ you always know where they are and where they drive. You will be immediately informed about emergency situations. It’s a significant support for new drivers.


All vehicle data in one place

Enter important dates into your calendar and the system will remind you about the upcoming maintenance. drivebox™ will sum up key driving statistics for you.

Access your data, wherever you are

Responsive version of the app allows you to use it on any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can enjoy your data and statistics everywhere you have Internet connection.

Our clients say more about us, than we do

"Since I know that drivebox will call me in case of any alarming situation, I stopped worry less about my car parked in a public."
Andrew Williams
Company X from California
"I don’t have to wonder anymore where my son is or how he drives. He passed his driving exam recently, so I use the app to get all neccessary infromation about what he should improve."
Andrew Williams
Company X from California
"Although my company has only a few cars at its disposal, drivebox enabled us to reduce the burden of losses and negotiate better insurance fees."
Andrew Williams
Company X from California

Quick and simple installation

Plug the drivebox to the OBD-II port in your car and enjoy the benefits of a connected car. Find some tips below on how to locate OBD-II port in your vehicle.

1. Create the account on drivebox.co

2. Enter device’s IMEI number

3. Plug in drivebox to the OBD-II port

4. Hit the road!

The offer

  • Standard - 399 zł
  • Annual access to the service
  • OBD tracking device - drivebox™
  • Vehicle's track’n’trace in Europe and the USA
  • History of prior trips
  • Crash detector
  • Geofencing – create your own areas on the map
  • Phone/SMS alert on leaving the area
  • Phone/SMS alert on unplugging the device
  • Phone/SMS alert on towing the car
  • Phone/SMS alert on turning the engine on, e.g at night
  • The possibility to set the alarm for preferred hours only (e.g night time)
  • Signup


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